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ZoSpecial - Special D x Rozemarijn


is a 5yr-old KWPN black and white coloured dressage stallion.

His sire is the amazing black KWPN Stallion Special D, and his dam is by Gribaldi ‘Rozemarijn’.

Zospecial was bred by the Smilda family, who bred the legendary coloured stallion Samber (Samber is still the only ever coloured stallion to be approved by the KWPN


Zospecial is, undoubtedly, breathtaking.

Visitors to Décor Stud continue to be impressed beyond their expectations by his exceptional movement, natural cadence and exquisitely quiet and fine head. Zospecial’s confirmation is built for dressage; his perfectly balanced physique and long, fine limbs combined with his powerful, off-the-floor movement are an explosive visual combination and a real treat for Décor Stud spectators.

Credible sources say there is currently no other coloured stallion who possesses the class of pedigree or wonderful temperament of Zospecial; his willingness to please is awe-inspiring.

In 2007 Shane Reilly imported Zospecial from Holland, where he was used for breeding. In the Netherlands, Zospecial produced foals of extraordinarily dynamic movement, artlessly gifted for high-level dressage.

In 2008 Zospecial was approved with the Anglo European Stud Book at the Holland grading with high scores. In the summer of 2008 Zospecial had been under saddle for 5 months when Luke Baber his rider/trainer competed him at affiliated competitions. Zospecial was the only competing coloured stallion, and won all four classes with consistent percentages of 70%.

Luke quotes: Zospecial is the very best four year old I have had the privilege to train. Zospecial is a born performer; I admire his brain and willingness to work. He surprised me in every way - especially the way he coped with his training and breeding duties. He’s a star!’ Luke Baber (Dressage Trainer to Décor Stud August 06- June 08)

Zospecial is now training in Germany with two time Olympic and World Championships Rider and Trainer Leonie Bramall. Leonie Bramall’s unprecedented expertise with training some of the best stallions and young horses in Germany it made her an obvious choice for her to take the ride of Zospecial.

Leonie quotes: Zospecial has a great working attitude combined with a charming temperament and excellent basic gaits. I am pleased to have the opportunity to take this talented young horse on through his further training.

Soho canter






(stb) KWPN
Ster, Preferent
Ster, STB

Keur, Preferent

(stb) KWPN


(full sister to samber)

Keur, Preferent, Prestatie



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