About "Pinto Sport Horse" & Me


A Little About me and my plans for "Pinto Sport Horse":: I am a small breeder of colored sport horses, and while searching for the right stallion and places to sell foals. I found that no place/site was offering specifically Pinto Sport / Warmblood horses and Ponies, in one place... So with this in mind. I thought I would get a site designed to bring all these horses together. I love the colors, and the athletic abilities of these special equines.

I started working & riding horses when I was 8 years old. During my initial years, I grew to love all the breeds and was lucky enough to have been able to work with and ride everything from a mule (western style and bareback) to a stunning Bavarian Warmblood, whom I rode in hunter classes. When I started riding it was English and under the tutelage of Captain Adams ( a stern, but honest instructor), then started to ride and work at the rodeo, followed by the track and back to my 1st love the English show ring and breeding.

But why colored horses: The colored horse always stayed in my mind and heart though all the years. I guess in part due to my other love photographing horses (where color stands out) and the lack of these colors in the show ring. My photography may be seen on my other site "Wishography"

The plans for "Pinto Sport Horse" are very simple.. It is to offer to all colored horse breeders that sign up in the first year (upon approval, with a visit to your site), a free membership** (with a reciprocal link). Since the start of "Pinto Sport Horse" approx 60 % of the horses sold including one stallion for $60,000.00 Euro's. 2007 has brought forward an honor system, this is if your horse is sold through PSH a donation or sellers fee would be appreciated. In this way I may use that money to further promote the site and the horses on it.

**I reserve the right of refusal to maintain the quality of the many horses and their breeders whom have put their time and effort to achieve quality horses and ponies

I hope you take this opportunity to check out the site, and check out the ads. If you would like see any changes to be made, or if you have an opinion please feel free to e-mail me: Catharina @ admin@pintosporthorse.com.

Please feel free to contact us any time at psh@pintosporthorse.com

Catharina Clarke
Calgary, Alberta

A wee bit more

"Sport Horse" horses and ponies in extraordinary colors and breeds from around the world, with the pinto markings !

We recognizes such rare colors and breeds such as: Canadian Sport Horse; American Warmbloods, Canadian Warmbloods, German, and Polish WBs; German, British and Australian Riding Ponies; Sport ponies of color; Lewitzers; Perlinos; Palominos; Buckskins; Duns, Cremellos; Pintos; Homozygous Tobianos; Sabinos; Frame Overos; Dominant Whites & Blacks, ...