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Claim to Fame - Hall of Fame x Akula xx

Claim To Fame

Claim to Fame is a beautiful, talented stallion who has proven himself to be exceptional in every way! As a Conformation Horse, he is the only Tobiano Pinto Horse to EVER win at the Devon Hunter Breeding Show....and has top wins throughout the East. He's also had the distinction of winning consecutive blue's in the Green Conformation Division at HITS/Ocala, topping all of the solid colored horses he competed against!


As a performance horse, Claim to Fame has numerous championships at some of the top A shows in the East in the professional divisions......then he went on to show as still a young stallion with his Adult Amateur Owner and again brought home many championships and Hunter Classics. It wasn't unusual for him to win back to back blues over fences with his outstanding form!

As a sire, Claim to Fame, has again been a champion. His first test foals won him the title of "Best Get of Sire" at the prestigious Upperville Horse Show in Virginia, and were in the top five of their classes at the IHF, Devon, Upperville, and Warrenton. Another filly, Exclaim, was undefeated in Hunter Breeding in the Southeast her yearling year. His most recent colt, the first to be presented to RPSI, won the inspection site championship, as well as a Gold Premium Award. His first foals are now being started under saddle and are carrying his lovely attitude, temperament and ridability!! He is known for passing on his elegance to his foals, especially his lovely head and neck!

Hall Of Fame
b tob. 17.0 1989 Oldenburg
Art Deco
blk tob. 16.1 1983
Pinto 1.68m 1976
Strike Bound xx
dkb/br 1980
Daniel Boone xx
dkb/br 1970

Millies Mint xx

Akula xx
dkb/br 1989
Assault Landing xx

Buckfinder xx
br 16.1 1974

Trial Landing xx
Ginger Kem xx
ch 1972
Vanceburg xx

Oil Queen xx
br 1955

At home relaxing

Perhaps the most important trait this wonderful stallion has is his sweet personality and temperament! He has lived most of his life at home, with his amateur owner, who has trained him, rides him, and even collects him herself!!

or call Patti Brantley, 850-508-0250

LFG Fresh or frozen semen available
Lifetime approved for breeding RPSI and approved AWR

Stud fee $1000
Booking fee $350 (first collection included)

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