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Recently added Sale Horses:

ShakiraShakira, She has excellent movement & is very athletic, bold and a natural jumper prospect, very outgoing and friendly. Her sire is Sonnata and dam is by an "Art Deco" mare..
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Contact ::Heather - Warm Colours Sporthorses

SolitaireSolitaire is a wonderfully bred bay and white filly. Her sire
Sonnata is by the pinto warmblood stallion Fuhler I. Fuhler I is an imported registered KWPN stallion by the legendary Samber.
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Contact :: Cindy @ Cindy's Warmbloods

Top caliber prospect for those who likes color! Her dam is a JC thoroughbred inspected and approved for breeding with CSHA, sire is a colored warmblood who is inspected with RPSI.
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Contact:: Martha @ JMR Pinto's

FairyBridge ** SOLD **
FairyBridgeAnna was born June 4th, 2002 Registered F1 Canadian Sport Horse Filly . APHA Registered. She has , excellent movement. Friendly and steady temperament.
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Contact:: Martha @ JMR Pinto's

Sprite (reg name TBD)
SpriteSprite was born May 15th, 2006 ..She has excellent movement and is very athletic. Will be registered PtHA for now, and CSHA Part Bred until when Skeptic is inspected.. Friendly
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Contact :: Gill

A wee bit more

"Sport Horse" horses and ponies in extraordinary colors and breeds from around the world, with the pinto markings !

We recognizes such rare colors and breeds such as: Canadian Sport Horse; American Warmbloods, Canadian Warmbloods, German, and Polish WBs; German, British and Australian Riding Ponies; Sport ponies of color; Lewitzers; Perlinos; Palominos; Buckskins; Duns, Cremellos; Pintos; Homozygous Tobianos; Sabinos; Frame Overos; Dominant Whites & Blacks, ...