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JMR Pinto's
JMR Pinto's
A small family owned operation and they have been breeding, raising, and rescuing Pinto's for 20 plus years.
Contact:: Martha - JMR Pinto's

Spokane Dressage Spokane Dressage

Our goal is to breed "Dressage" horses with athletic ability

Contact: Spokane Dressage

Gestuet Falkenhorst
Gestuet Falkenhorst banner

At Gestüt Falkenhorst all horses and foals we sell are guaranteed to be represented honestly.
Contact::Gestüt Falkenhorst

Wishfoal Sport Horse WishfoalOur goal is to breed "Colored Canadian Sport Horses" horses with athletic ability & stunning to look at, also People friendly.
Contact :: Wishfoal Sport Horses

Contact Us! We would love to hear from you. Mike and Christine Mohn 287 Smithville Road New Providence PA 17560 (717)786-6099.
Contact :: Providence Farm

Flax Lion StudFlax Lion Stud
Gestüt WM & Flax Lion Stud is the home of Sambertino (Homozygous Black) and Samaii.
Contact::Flax Lion Stud

Morinda Stud FarmMorinda Stud Farm

Colored Selle Francais horses of the highest quality.
Contact::Morinda Stud Farm

Cindy's Warmbloods
Cindy's Warmbloods
Cindy's Warmbloods, breeding emphasis has been on quality not quantity so only carefully selected mares are used for my breeding program.
Contact:: Cindy's Warmbloods

Best Of Horses

Best Of Horses Directory, This database will help you to find breeds, farms, breeders, and much much more... have a look

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"Sport Horse" horses and ponies in extraordinary colors and breeds from around the world, with the pinto markings !

We recognizes such rare colors and breeds such as: Canadian Sport Horse; American Warmbloods, Canadian Warmbloods, German, and Polish WBs; German, British and Australian Riding Ponies; Sport ponies of color; Lewitzers; Perlinos; Palominos; Buckskins; Duns, Cremellos; Pintos; Homozygous Tobianos; Sabinos; Frame Overos; Dominant Whites & Blacks, ...