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Sambertino comes from the KWPN Worona I-stam, merrielijn 89, fokfamilie 44 which is known as a producer of both International Jumping and Dressage horses.

Prior to arriving in the UK in '99 Sambertino spent 3 seasons at the Gebr v Manen stud in Holland.

He was also a Pavo Cup Dressage semi finalist as both a 4 and 5 year old and continued competing with Gemma Sas to Z level.

Sambertino Head

Sambertino passed his 100 day test at Neustadt-Dosse, where he was placed 8th overall(dressage)out of 43 stallions on test.Also Sambertino received a maximum 10 for both "temperament" and "attitude to work" during his 100 day test.

Whlilst competing in the UK with an amateur rider he qualified for the BD Regional finals and BD National Championships.

In Germany he waas trained to PSG and succesfully competed at M level with Eckhard Wahlers.

Sambertino is currently the only coloured dressage stallion standing in the UK who has passed a 100 day performance test.
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Darkbay / White Tobiano
Pref 2590BB
Ster Pref Prest 36467NWP


90.737 STB RP Brown
(WBF SPR) Keur 80.6332 STB

Pref 147STB

Keur Pref 16796STB

Ster 81.763 STB

As of 2006, 42% of Sambertino's progeny, old enough to be ridden, are competing in their respective disciplines, Nationally or Internationally.

Papillon ( Sambertino/Zonneglans) a Dutch Paralympic team member has been selected to represent Holland at the 2008 Paralympic Games.

In 2006 she was winner of the 'FEI Hands in Hands' Trophy Moorsele CDI **** she is now also winning ZZ zwaar in Holland .2007

Tamberonie (Sambertino/Festival) a 7 year old licensed stallion, has been selected for the UK 'World Class Dressage Pathway' for potential 2012 Olympic horses and has qualified for the 2007 British Dressage Regional Championship at Medium and Advanced Medium.

Renatino (Sambertino/Droomwals) in 2007 competing PSG in the USA – 2nd place first time out.

In 2005 she was California Dressage Society Horse of the Year Reserve Champion - 3rd level, NA/WPN Champion Amateur 2nd Level & US Dressage Federation Horse of the Year 5th Place – Amateur.

In 2004 she was Adult Amateur Champion 69.429% - NAWPN All Breeds Awards. She is also the dam of Unamore, by Ikoon, who is competing successfully in the UK.

Pionier (Sambertino/ Tango) now competing Inter II in Holland – at his first competition at this level in 2007 he was placed 2nd

Grandson, ZZ Top M – a 3 year old stallion (Turbo Magic/Sambertino), was the Top price horse in the 2007 Dressage and Show jumping auction at the Eindhoven International Horse Show, selling for 82,000 Euros.-$109,000.

Sambertino progeny

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Performance Records to date
2006 -Awarded ELITE stallion status (dressage) - CHAPS
2005 - Landkreis Dressage Champion - first show of 2005!!
Placed in every competition in 2005.
Awarded ELITE Performance Status by BSPA
2004 - Competing in Germany - First competition, 1st place with 80%.Placed 1st to 3rd at every competition in 2004 despite being the only coloured horse in classes of 25+
2003 - In September he moved to Germany to train with Eckhard Wahlers.
2002 - Qualified UK regional finals British Dressage Summer championships
2001 - UK National finalist British Dressage Championships
2000 - UK regional finalist British Dressage Summer championships

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