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Counterclaim "Counterclaim" has an exceptionally quiet and willing temperament. He's been handled in breeding by Patti, an amateur lady handler, and was the perfect gentleman! He has been started under saddle this winter by Sonny Little, a horseman in Northern Florida of the highest calibur and reputation..
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Claim To Fame
Claim To Fame "Claim to Fame" Home of Claim to Fame, the top pinto sporthorse stallion showing and available for stud today. His conformation credentials in the show ring and his proven temperament and ridability are unequaled!
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Sambertino "Sambertino" comes from the KWPN Worona I-stam, merrielijn 89, fokfamilie 44 which is known as a producer of both International Jumping and Dressage horses. Prior to arriving in the UK in '99....

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Samaii "Samaii" 16.2hh 2004 ZfDP Premium Stallion, Homozygous Black ( No Chestnut foals) Samaii was licensed as a Premium Stallion at the 2007 ZfDP licensing.
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What's Colour
What's Colour "What's Colour"(aka Tom Tom) 2003 superb homozygous tobiano stallion, 16.2 hh and still growing, by the great Samber, who needs no introduction to coloured horse enthusiasts. Samber is the only coloured stallion to be approved to date into the prestigious KWPN Studbook
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SONNATO is a young Hanoverian/KWPN stallion that will be starting his under saddle training in 2005. Sonnata was presented to the RPSI in the fall of 2005 and was registered and entered into Studbook II.

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Colored Pony Stallions :

Mallawa Park Masquerade
Mallawa Park MasqueradeImported Australian Sport Pony Stallion. He really is a sweet boy, not many pony stallions can be lead around by a girl in a wheelchair and at shows with mares around. Looking for a Sport Pony Stud with color...
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A wee bit of Color

"Sport Horse" horses and ponies in extraordinary colors and breeds from around the world, with the pinto markings !

We recognizes such rare colors and breeds such as: Canadian Sport Horse; American Warmbloods, Canadian Warmbloods, German, and Polish WBs; German, British and Australian Riding Ponies; Sport ponies of color; Lewitzers; Perlinos; Palominos; Buckskins; Duns, Cremellos; Pintos; Homozygous Tobianos; Sabinos; Frame Overos; Dominant Whites & Blacks, ...